We had the great pleasure of catering an amazing event Saturday for the American Cancer Society.  Over 300 supporters joined us for an evening of dancing, entertainment and of course divine food! Image A live salad station featured eager servers ready to hand toss selections for our guests.  Of course we couldn’t resist displaying the options in mason jars. Image The next station featured our mouth watering smoked brisket and all the trimmings.  To top it off we offered shooter glasses with our famous BBQ sauce. Image Further down the line was Ribeyes, Cream Corn, Pinto Beans and scratch corn muffins.  Hand carved wooden signs framed each station so guests could easily decide which delectable dishes to dine on.


And what would be a dinner with our dessert?!?  Miniature apple pies served in miniature iron skillets, petite chocolate pies and more filled an entire table.


As with all of our events, our professional team was the source behind the whole shebang!


This has been another Global Event Group production. Cheers!



2011 Coming To an End

G Life

It is with great disbelief I write these words… “2011 coming to an end.”  Although it seems as though just the other day our friends were ringing in the new year with us… in style of course… at The Kyle House, it is true that 2012 is upon us.

For individuals it is a time we spend reflecting on the past year, planning for the new year and making a laundry list of the things we will change, do more of, or do differently.  But, as a company we are underway doing the same.  We are writing new menus, creating budgets and working on projects to kick off for the new year.

As we close out the next few weeks of Holiday Parties, including one bash for own staff, we will finish up the year with several New Year’s Eve weddings.  We will most likely ring in the new year with the same group of crazy friends, but we will all be a year wiser (not older of course), and hopefully it will be that wisdom that leads us to an even better year.

Matt and I would like to thank our friends, family and dear clients that have cheered us along on our journey for the last eight years.  We begin the ninth year of Global in 2012 and could not be more thankful for the successes and failures we have triumphed.  It is truly the love and support from a whole slew of people who have allowed us to soar.

Here is to 2012!

Austin City Limits… that’s where we are!


Greetings from Austin, Texas!  We’ve been quite the busy bees lately and this week has gotten off to a great start!  Today was our first day of catering at Austin City Limits and we kicked it off with a light and refreshing lunch which included tasty gyros and cool veggie wraps to satisfy in this 100+ degree weather.  Our 3600 sq foot dining room got a makeover this year by one of our creative team leads and event coordinator, Caroline Galjour.  Her style which we’ve coined as ‘eco-eclectic’ utilizes items that have all been re-purposed.  Some of my favorites include a ‘clothespin chandelier’, retro 1950’s booths, and hand crafted art by our dining guests.  The style seems fitting for such a unique town that focuses much energy into conservation.  Although we’ve been incorporating eco-friendly supplies such as cups, plates, flatware and compostable plastics for the last 6 years, it’s definitely been an education process since many of our guests come from all over the United States and beyond.  It’s amazing to be able to utilize such a great composting and recycling effort here in Austin and do it successfully!

In addition to our extensive team at ACL in Austin, our home operations are just as busy this week!  A&M is gearing up to BTHO Idaho and that translates into many great events throughout the course of the week and this coming weekend.  Additionally, we can’t forget to mention that it’s Aggie Ring Day this Friday and we are honored to be able to share this special day with many at the Clayton Williams Jr Alumni Center!  All are welcome to celebrate and congratulate these Aggies on earning their ring.  We have 2 employees getting their ring Friday, so congrats to Chris Schuett and Marcus McDermott!

Hope your week goes as smoothly as ours!  Stay tuned for more news from Austin….