Before Monday came Sunday, Saturday and Friday

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Yesterday we looked at our scrumptious lunch from Monday, so today we back it up and look at the food we experienced last weekend.  In a nut shell, our team was working from 8am until midnight each night – so we all had our fair share of Chow Town Food Court treats.  Personally,  I ate my weight in Connie’s Pizza (more on our long time friends later), until Sunday hit and I ventured out a bit… to the Farmer’s Market to be exact. Now, this wasn’t your usual farmer’s fair.  There were parcels of peaches, but everything else was prepared food from farm fresh goods – such as cheese, blueberries, and even wheat grass!

As late morning rolled around I began getting hungry, so Matt sweet talked the fine people at Rock ‘n Roll noodle company for a sampling of their pad thai spring roll.  

It had rained Sunday morning so not only was it hot – it was muggy.  This light, crisp delight was the perfect palette pleaser.  I am a fan of pad thai, but this was so fresh, herbs and all, and the mango was just the perfect touch of sweet, but this version was even better.  After a few more hours passed I was once again hungry, but this time I headed to the farmer’s market alone.  First up – Seedlings.  A Michigan farm where apple cider, blueberries and peaches are cooked, picked and enjoyed!

I inhaled a blueberry smoothie made from those farm fresh blueberries, ice and homemade apple cider… that’s it!  No dairy, no fat, no problem.  I have never tried a fruit smoothie with such wholesome, simple ingredients.  But, now I highly recommend it!

While it was delightful, my body must have noticed the lack of dairy because up next was the cheesemakers.  This next treat is so awesome, my words will most likely not do it justice… grilled cheese on a stick (hold the bread please!)

Thick slices of fresh cheese were grilled just enough so the outside was crisp, while the inside was still firm but gooey.  They offered several awesome pairings for the top of the cheese.  Being the Texas gal that I am, I chose the jalepeno chutney topped upon my lovely grilled piece of cheese.

This was exactly what I needed to fill my tummy and refuel me for the rest of the day. If you want more of Chow Town’s great food or still aren’t sure what it is, check out:


Graham Elliot presents Grahamwich!


Although Monday marked the last day of our Chi-town gig, we saved the best meal for last…so I am posting it first!  Two years ago we had the pleasure of working closely with Chef Graham Elliot, as in the judge for Fox’s MasterChef, and his awesome team.  After a long, hard few weeks at Lollapalooza, Chef treated us to a seven course meal at his namesake restaurant, Graham Elliot.  I’ll post pictures of this later, but for now…Grahamwich.

The newest creation from Chef Elliot and his right-hand man, Merlin Verrier, is Grahamwich.  Their website,, describes the addition as what a sandwich shop should be and could be.  So, we had to see what it was all about!

We actually missed this little gem the first time we walked by, but once we found it and walked inside it was stunning.  Tucked between other shops on State, once inside the space seems so open and airy.

I love the mix of old woods, quirky pieces, such as the kid blocks that spelled out ‘trash’ on top of the trashcan, and modern glass.  We ordered at the counter, I chose the grilled cheese {wisconsin cheddar + italian prosciutto + tomato marmalade + cheese curds + pullman loaf } while Matt decided on the pastrami reuben { homemade sauerkraut + toasted caraway + gruyere fondue + 1000 island + marbled rye }  but we split a bag of chips topped with fresh herbs, cheddar cheese and bacon bits.

This was hands down the BEST grilled cheese EVER!  The tomato marmalade was just sweet enough and the bread was toasted to perfection.  But the cheese, the cheese is what made this sandwich so heavenly.  I truly wish I didn’t have to wait until the next time we are in Chicago for another bite.

Although I am not a huge reuben fan, this one took the cake.  Again, the perfectly toasted marble rye and stacks of fresh meat and sauerkraut made for one excellent choice for Matt.

It may be strange to rave on about someone else’s food, but for us it is the best kind of research and development! After we finished our lunch we were greeted by Merlin and enjoyed catching up and discussing the aftermath of Lollapalooza.  I just wish I would have asked him to Fedex another grilled cheese to me!