Count Down to Fall is OVER


Well, life as we all know it here at GEG is OFFICIALLY over!  The madness of Fall has arrived!  Since returning from Chicago earlier in the month, we have been in Ranger, TX for a little private party with The Eagles, Heather Locklear and The Blues Brothers. (Hopefully I will have some photos soon to post 🙂 – hint, hint team!) then back home to open our 3rd G Deli location (The new Clinical #1 building on the HSC campus), a multitude of events around the community and last night at the Zone Club for the “Countdown to Kick Off” dinner. 

Next week, several of our execs will be in Dallas for Perry’s campaign and then we load out for Austin City Limits Music Festival!

What I love the most about this time of the year is not only the change of seasons, but the hum that seems to softly stay around our office – as if a well oiled machine is on and

constantly running.  It reminds me we are so fortunate for the flood of business and the

privilege to be a part of so many amazing events and opportunities. 

We are getting closer on introducing our new sites, which will help us keep everyone more in the know!  Have a great weekend!


Zucchini Behemoth Part Deux {2}


I decided to take the gigantic zucchini home this weekend.  One, I wanted to show the kids how out of control it was (and how small our own home-grown zucchini were) and two, I wanted some extra helpers shredding the thing!

After we realized our food processor did NOT have the right “shredding” attachment, we decided the easiest way to go about hand shredding it, was to cut it in half so it was more manageable.

In doing so, we noticed how LARGE the seeds were! Check this out –

The largest ones were as large as my thumb nail!  I know this sounds absurd… GIANT Zucchini, GIANT seeds, right?!  But, I guess I just hadn’t thought that far.  We started to scrape the inside out after we realized how soft it was.  It was very similar to scraping out the inside of a pumpkin.  Again, SHOCKER! Pumpkin = squash  Zucchini = squash.  But I am telling you, we just were not prepared for all the findings of such a large vegetable!

Here you can see the end result after we hollowed it out.  Once we got the zucchini prepared we went back to shredding…and shredding…and SHREDDING!  After taking turns (for a gal that doesn’t work out – my arm did get a little sore.) for twenty minutes, we had shredded zucchini!

Want to guess how many total cups it made?  To help you out – a normal sized zucchini usually yields about 1/3 to 1/2 a cup.

EIGHT cups! 8!  Can you believe it?  That means EIGHT loaves of bread…oh boy!

So, once it was all shredded everything else went much more quickly.  In no time I had a double recipe of batter, greased pans and a HOT oven!

There was just one problem I had run into… I could NOT find my NUTMEG!  So, I rummaged through cabinets until I came across some premium, spiced pecans I had picked up in Chicago last year.  I decided to see what kind of flavor they would give to my zucchini bread.  So, I chopped up a cup and tossed them in!

I found these flavor packed pecans from a cute chocolate boutique in the O’Hare airport.  Vosges Boutique!

They had an amazing Chocolate selection and everything looked so chic.  The variety was endless, so I wound up with these Red Fire Pecans and a chocolate library:)

Cute, huh?  So back to the giant zucchini bread batch.  I folded in the nuts and poured the batter in the pans! 

50 minutes later we had moist, delicious bread!  The nuts wound up being a good call too.  They added some of the missing flavor profiles from the nutmeg.  All in all, I would say we did good!  However, I still have 6 cups of shredded zucchini if anyone would like it… or post a recipe (other than bread) I could use it in!


Why We Love Catering

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Today I went to one of our G Deli deliveries.  I rarely get the opportunity to attend any of our catering events, much less a delivery, but this was for an old client and for 85 people and I wanted to make sure that it went off perfectly.  My days have been stressful lately and I was running late, so to say the least I was definitely a little unsettled.  I pulled into the parking lot at Southwood Valley Community Center, dabbed on a little lip-gloss and took a deep breath to prepare myself for walking into luncheon.

I was quite surprised at what happened as I walked through the door and began to survey the premises.  The room was bustling with people, our food buffet looked great, my hard-working team were all smiles, and I felt a calmness come over me.  I jumped right in to help out wherever was needed and I quickly came to realize that I was enjoying myself.   The lunch that we were a part of was the 2011 Senior Chic Fashion Show and it was an honor to be a part of it.  Everyone was chatting, smiling and of course – eating!  I stood there and watched a while and just thought about how great it felt knowing that what I did for a living was important and rewarding.  Food is such an integral part of our lives.  Think about it.  It nourishes our body and we can’t live without it.  Food also invokes emotion within us with every meal.  It can comfort us, make us happy, disappoint us and can even motivate us.  It can make or break your day.  Have you ever had that day that was just horrible from the start?  Nothing going right and the only thing you can think of to make it better is your favorite sushi roll at that little Japanese restaurant that you love.  Or how about the time when you take a friend to your favorite restaurant to celebrate a special occasion and the food is not up to par.  This is not only disappointing, but embarrassing as well.  Bottom line is that food is important and I’m glad that I’m in the business.  I get motivated when I have great food and also when I have not so great food.  It motivates me to continue working and building a wonderful company that maintains an excellent standard.  I love my job and I’m glad that I had the opportunity today to remind myself how rewarding that it can be.

– Lexie A.

VIP Duck Jam Tickets


Ready, Set, GO!!!  We had some eager beavers earlier this week – posting and commenting to win tickets, but the real contest starts now!  Think of it this way though, you are already subscribed and ready to immediately post!  Now, we saw some cute posts already, but to make things even more fun, we are requesting to see your best poetry skills!  Here are the rules:

1.  You must post at least 4 lines of an ORIGINAL poem.

2.  You must incorporate the word DUCK (and no profanity or you will be removed from the contest…please remember our families, friends and fans!)

3.  You may only enter ONCE!

You have until Wednesday 4/20/11 at midnight to get your entries in.  Then, the best poem wins!!  The more entries, the better the prize will get!

25 entries – 2 VIP tickets!

50 entries – 2 VIP tickets + $10 in Food Vouchers

75 entries – 4 VIP tickets + $15 in Food Vouchers

100 entries – All of the above + MEET AND GREET!!

Make sure you follow the rules so you don’t get your poem thrown out!  Good Luck!

Epicurean Extravaganza

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Last night was a blast! We had a team of managers and directors cooking up hot pita pizzas and serving cupcakes at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Epicurean Extravaganza. Cassie and Matt Bobbitt, along with partner, Lexie Allgower and G Deli General Manager, Rachel Fogle spoke with hundreds of locals about our newest concepts, G Deli and G Java. Currently, G Deli is opened Monday through Friday in the Physician’s Center. Plans to open the second location, and much bigger at over twice the current size, are well under way. The second location will be inside the the second Health Science Center building on Highway 47. The current building is home to our first G Java concept, also open Monday through Friday. G Java offers some of our most loved sandwiches, wraps and salads along with specialty items. With fresh baked goods with the best coffee in town, we use a local roasting company “What’s the Buzz,” we are able to offer a premium product to the students, medical professionals, professors and staff at HSC.

We snapped a few pictures from our phone, but you must come by and try the food for yourself! We will be featuring the very popular pizza creation at G Deli all this week. So come by and try a slice!

Las Vegas Bound


What makes us the premier catering and event production company in the area?  Our experience?  Perhaps.  We HAVE worked on some pretty exciting events.  In alphabetical order:

  • Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival (Artist and Production Catering, Artist Dressing Rooms, Hospitality and Food Court Management 2006-2010)
  • Duck Jam Music Festival (Producer 2009-2011)
  • Lollapalooza Music Festival (Chicago, IL)
  • Madonna Live Concert (Event Staffing)
  • NASA Mission Control
  • Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. (HBO We Are One Concert)
  • President George Bush, Sr
  • President George W. Bush
  • Steamboat Music Festival in Steamboat, CO (Artist Catering 2004-2011)
  • Super Bowl 2011 (FOX Executives Party) worked under Tim Love’s Catering
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Private Catering)
  • Voices for Children (Brazos Valley Non-profit)

And so, so many more!  While we certainly learn from each and every experience, it is not these experiences alone that make us better.  We are constantly researching and developing new menus, new ideas for buffets, spectacular ways to present our food and to wow our guests overall.  Next week we are furthering our education by attending the top catering conference, Catersource.  At this 5 day conference and tradeshow; we will meet the top caterers in the country, be introduced to the newest and coolest products and further develop our amazing staff!  We could not be more excited, and  can not wait to bring back the wealth of knowledge.  So sit tight and we’ll be back soon!