2011 Coming To an End

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It is with great disbelief I write these words… “2011 coming to an end.”  Although it seems as though just the other day our friends were ringing in the new year with us… in style of course… at The Kyle House, it is true that 2012 is upon us.

For individuals it is a time we spend reflecting on the past year, planning for the new year and making a laundry list of the things we will change, do more of, or do differently.  But, as a company we are underway doing the same.  We are writing new menus, creating budgets and working on projects to kick off for the new year.

As we close out the next few weeks of Holiday Parties, including one bash for own staff, we will finish up the year with several New Year’s Eve weddings.  We will most likely ring in the new year with the same group of crazy friends, but we will all be a year wiser (not older of course), and hopefully it will be that wisdom that leads us to an even better year.

Matt and I would like to thank our friends, family and dear clients that have cheered us along on our journey for the last eight years.  We begin the ninth year of Global in 2012 and could not be more thankful for the successes and failures we have triumphed.  It is truly the love and support from a whole slew of people who have allowed us to soar.

Here is to 2012!


Why We Love Catering

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Today I went to one of our G Deli deliveries.  I rarely get the opportunity to attend any of our catering events, much less a delivery, but this was for an old client and for 85 people and I wanted to make sure that it went off perfectly.  My days have been stressful lately and I was running late, so to say the least I was definitely a little unsettled.  I pulled into the parking lot at Southwood Valley Community Center, dabbed on a little lip-gloss and took a deep breath to prepare myself for walking into luncheon.

I was quite surprised at what happened as I walked through the door and began to survey the premises.  The room was bustling with people, our food buffet looked great, my hard-working team were all smiles, and I felt a calmness come over me.  I jumped right in to help out wherever was needed and I quickly came to realize that I was enjoying myself.   The lunch that we were a part of was the 2011 Senior Chic Fashion Show and it was an honor to be a part of it.  Everyone was chatting, smiling and of course – eating!  I stood there and watched a while and just thought about how great it felt knowing that what I did for a living was important and rewarding.  Food is such an integral part of our lives.  Think about it.  It nourishes our body and we can’t live without it.  Food also invokes emotion within us with every meal.  It can comfort us, make us happy, disappoint us and can even motivate us.  It can make or break your day.  Have you ever had that day that was just horrible from the start?  Nothing going right and the only thing you can think of to make it better is your favorite sushi roll at that little Japanese restaurant that you love.  Or how about the time when you take a friend to your favorite restaurant to celebrate a special occasion and the food is not up to par.  This is not only disappointing, but embarrassing as well.  Bottom line is that food is important and I’m glad that I’m in the business.  I get motivated when I have great food and also when I have not so great food.  It motivates me to continue working and building a wonderful company that maintains an excellent standard.  I love my job and I’m glad that I had the opportunity today to remind myself how rewarding that it can be.

– Lexie A.

Sunday: A Day of R&R, sort of!

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Not sure if you were able to enjoy some of our beautiful Central Texas weather this weekend, but after wrapping up a weeks’ worth of events, I had the chance to spend some time at home finishing up some spring planting.  I do like to plant earlier than suggested and I try to at least get my tomatoes in the ground before the end of February.  This ensures that I will be able to have a good basket of vine ripened tomatoes before the heat and critters have a chance to harvest them.  For this year’s spring crop I also planted bell peppers, jalapenos, Anaheim peppers, carrots, radishes, kohl rabi, onions and of course some hearty lettuce.   Green leaf and red leaf lettuces are great varieties for the novice gardener because they are strong, hearty, and I haven’t seen anything that they can’t survive.  Just make sure and stay away from the more delicate greens such as spinach, frissee, and endive.  Those delicates are much more difficult to keep healthy.   It’s not too late to get some seeds in the ground, so if you have the space and sunlight, it’s worth giving it a try.  Nothing tastes better than vegetables straight out of the garden.  Although not everyone has a green thumb, the space, or can even imagine getting their hands covered in dirt, there are some simple plants and herbs that anyone, especially kids, can grow and use in their daily dinner preparations.  Herbs are great for several reasons; one being that you don’t need to start them from seeds.   Just visit your local garden center and pick up a couple to take home.  A well rounded herb collection that I love includes cilantro, parsley, basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary.  Cooking with fresh herbs adds such great dimensions to your dishes and the more leaves you pull off, the better your herbs will grow.  Herbs do well indoors and out and don’t need to be directly in the ground; there’s no excuse why anyone couldn’t have fresh herbs year round.  If you are interested in learning more about vegetable gardening in Texas I suggest the book, “The Vegetable Book, a Texan’s Guide to Gardening” by Dr. Sam Cotner, previously of Texas A&M University.  Dr. Cotner’s book is loaded with information and advice on growing right here in our region.  Happy Gardening!

– Lexie A.

Welcome to G Life

G Life

G Life, what is it?  A definition in 20 words or less would simply be, “Our lifestyle, a reflection of our culture and the daily lives of the people who make up Global Event Group.”  We all come from somewhere and Global is home to employees from varying backgrounds; all with distinct personalities, interests, passions and talents.    With people as colorful as the food we prepare, we just couldn’t waste anything that they have to offer.  Since its beginning, Global has strived to instill its culture across all areas of the company from employees, to designs, to plates, to our Deli’s, to our venues and now even to our clients.  Continue reading and just maybe some of our G Life spice will rub off on you too!

Lexie A.