summer 2014 wrap up

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Did school really just start? Is it already football season? What a summer it has been. As sad as we are to see summer come to an end… boy are we ready for fall {and a few cold fronts, please!}. Here are just a few of the things we have been up to this summer:



Chicago. It’s definitely one of our favorite cities to be in. Lucky for us this was our 9th year to be a part of Lollapalooza Music Festival. We stayed busy this year…. We had an Artist Catering Tent, Gyro Cafe vending booth, and ran Artist Hospitality. We can’t praise our team enough for all of their hard work. 

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Our Avon Walk for Breast Cancer tour took us to Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago, & San Francisco. Although it is our 3rd year being part of this event, we are still in awe at every stop. It is simply amazing to see the dedication of Avon and the countless men and women that raise money and participate in the journey to end breast cancer. We are lucky to be able to serve the walkers and visit such beautiful cities. We are about to hit the road for part 2 of the 2014 Avon season. 

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If you are in Brazos County and have not had the chance to see the amazing new Nutrabolt building in Bryan, Texas you are missing out. We were teamed up with our friends at Ashely & Company to host their grand opening. Let’s just say it was amazing – every. single. detail. We were excited to try some new summer foods {all gluten free!} and they were all a huge hit. We teamed up with Chef Peter Madden, Chef Tai, and Chef Wade for the entrees and couldn’t have asked for more creative or delicious results.

On the Menu: watermelon + feta + mint + balsamic glaze skewers | artisan farm to table cheese and meat display | prosciutto stuffed brussels sprouts | wagyu beef carpaccio + potato wafer + micro greens | voo-doo shrimp 

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Mid-August we headed to West Texas with our friends from Encore Live for a private party. We spent about 2 weeks feeding crew leading up to the event, putting on the event, and breaking down the event. We survived the Texas heat and the party was flawless.

On the menu: summer sausage + fresh fruit display | cedar planked salmon | asparagus + roasted tomatoes + carrots | smoked beef shank | campfire shrimp | asiago mac & cheese | fresh corn + honey butter chili lime |  fried pies + blue bell ice cream | late night wood fire flatbreads | late night nacho bar

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We were lucky enough to squeeze in one last event at The Zone Club at Kyle Field for our friends over at TexAgs. We are sad we won’t be able to enjoy the view catering above Kyle Field any longer but we did go out with a bang! 

On the Menu: loaded mexican caesar salad | campfire shrimp | smoked beef shank + tortillas + red onion + cilantro + queso blanco | verde pork tamales | black beans | cilantro lime rice | nacho bar | tres leches

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Well, that is a small snapshot of what we have been up to. We were also excited to be a part of countless weddings, Texas A&M events, and many more grand openings this summer. Our tenth anniversary is flying by and we are blessed to be so busy!

Now, bring on the fall weather and Fightin’ Texas Aggie FOOTBALL! 




catersource | sxsw | st. paddy’s {a week @ GEG}


What a week it has been. As our staff recovers from the various events from the past two weeks, we have many exciting things to reflect back on.

We sent six members of our team to Las Vegas to the annual Catersource Conference. The week was full of excitement in the big city as our staff attended classes to help us grow here at home. We each gained information in areas to help us grow both as individuals and as a company. We also attended the tradeshow, which was a divide and conquer event for our staff – it was massive. There was so much to see! We know our mailbox will be full of vendor catalogs in the next few weeks. It was a blast seeing all the latest and greatest products!

While we were in Vegas our staff was also working — we had entered the Buffet Design Contest. We did our planning ahead of time and our team shipped off our (very large) roll cases of supplies about a week before we left. We set up in the afternoon on Sunday and finished our buffet on Monday just before the luncheon and voting. We can’t lie, we were a bit nervous. We were up against some of the best in the industry– including MGM Grand and Caesar’s. We had so much amazing feedback during the voting. We enjoyed talking to other caterers who are just like us– buffet style and general prop selection. The voting ended and we had to wait until the closing session on Wednesday to know how we placed! It was worth the wait…. Global Event Group won 1st place in the Buffet Contest! We were/still are so excited! There was so much teamwork involved, both the staff that traveled and our team back home. We can’t thank everyone enough for all their help. Look for us in the upcoming Catersource magazine!

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While some of us were enjoying sin city, we also had a strong team representing Global Event Group in Austin, Texas for SXSW. We spent a few days feeding production staff at The Belmont and enjoying wonderful music (one of the many perks of the job). Our staff did a great job and we can’t wait to go back next year.

Our week did not stop there. On Sunday we headed out to O’bannon’s Taphouse for the biggest St. Paddy’s party in town. We served up green eggs and ham, green tortillas, sinful potatoes and many other tasty dishes for breakfast. For lunch we went Irish. We were dishing out turkey legs, Shepard’s pie, fish and chips and corn beef sandwiches as fast as we could make them. It looked as though the crowd was enjoying the celebration 🙂

We would also like to thank our staff that was holding down the fort. Our office staff did a great job keeping everything running and taking care of our events at home.  Which is the true testament to a well oiled machine.  They are flawless!

So, this is what we were up to. It was an eventful “week” full of many positive happenings for Global Event Group! We are looking forward to applying what we learned at the conference to continue to grow as a company to better serve our clients. {and possibly building up our inventory with LOTS of cool new equipment!}

We had the great pleasure of catering an amazing event Saturday for the American Cancer Society.  Over 300 supporters joined us for an evening of dancing, entertainment and of course divine food! Image A live salad station featured eager servers ready to hand toss selections for our guests.  Of course we couldn’t resist displaying the options in mason jars. Image The next station featured our mouth watering smoked brisket and all the trimmings.  To top it off we offered shooter glasses with our famous BBQ sauce. Image Further down the line was Ribeyes, Cream Corn, Pinto Beans and scratch corn muffins.  Hand carved wooden signs framed each station so guests could easily decide which delectable dishes to dine on.


And what would be a dinner with our dessert?!?  Miniature apple pies served in miniature iron skillets, petite chocolate pies and more filled an entire table.


As with all of our events, our professional team was the source behind the whole shebang!


This has been another Global Event Group production. Cheers!



2011 Coming To an End

G Life

It is with great disbelief I write these words… “2011 coming to an end.”  Although it seems as though just the other day our friends were ringing in the new year with us… in style of course… at The Kyle House, it is true that 2012 is upon us.

For individuals it is a time we spend reflecting on the past year, planning for the new year and making a laundry list of the things we will change, do more of, or do differently.  But, as a company we are underway doing the same.  We are writing new menus, creating budgets and working on projects to kick off for the new year.

As we close out the next few weeks of Holiday Parties, including one bash for own staff, we will finish up the year with several New Year’s Eve weddings.  We will most likely ring in the new year with the same group of crazy friends, but we will all be a year wiser (not older of course), and hopefully it will be that wisdom that leads us to an even better year.

Matt and I would like to thank our friends, family and dear clients that have cheered us along on our journey for the last eight years.  We begin the ninth year of Global in 2012 and could not be more thankful for the successes and failures we have triumphed.  It is truly the love and support from a whole slew of people who have allowed us to soar.

Here is to 2012!

Austin City Limits… that’s where we are!


Greetings from Austin, Texas!  We’ve been quite the busy bees lately and this week has gotten off to a great start!  Today was our first day of catering at Austin City Limits and we kicked it off with a light and refreshing lunch which included tasty gyros and cool veggie wraps to satisfy in this 100+ degree weather.  Our 3600 sq foot dining room got a makeover this year by one of our creative team leads and event coordinator, Caroline Galjour.  Her style which we’ve coined as ‘eco-eclectic’ utilizes items that have all been re-purposed.  Some of my favorites include a ‘clothespin chandelier’, retro 1950’s booths, and hand crafted art by our dining guests.  The style seems fitting for such a unique town that focuses much energy into conservation.  Although we’ve been incorporating eco-friendly supplies such as cups, plates, flatware and compostable plastics for the last 6 years, it’s definitely been an education process since many of our guests come from all over the United States and beyond.  It’s amazing to be able to utilize such a great composting and recycling effort here in Austin and do it successfully!

In addition to our extensive team at ACL in Austin, our home operations are just as busy this week!  A&M is gearing up to BTHO Idaho and that translates into many great events throughout the course of the week and this coming weekend.  Additionally, we can’t forget to mention that it’s Aggie Ring Day this Friday and we are honored to be able to share this special day with many at the Clayton Williams Jr Alumni Center!  All are welcome to celebrate and congratulate these Aggies on earning their ring.  We have 2 employees getting their ring Friday, so congrats to Chris Schuett and Marcus McDermott!

Hope your week goes as smoothly as ours!  Stay tuned for more news from Austin….

Count Down to Fall is OVER


Well, life as we all know it here at GEG is OFFICIALLY over!  The madness of Fall has arrived!  Since returning from Chicago earlier in the month, we have been in Ranger, TX for a little private party with The Eagles, Heather Locklear and The Blues Brothers. (Hopefully I will have some photos soon to post 🙂 – hint, hint team!) then back home to open our 3rd G Deli location (The new Clinical #1 building on the HSC campus), a multitude of events around the community and last night at the Zone Club for the “Countdown to Kick Off” dinner. 

Next week, several of our execs will be in Dallas for Perry’s campaign and then we load out for Austin City Limits Music Festival!

What I love the most about this time of the year is not only the change of seasons, but the hum that seems to softly stay around our office – as if a well oiled machine is on and

constantly running.  It reminds me we are so fortunate for the flood of business and the

privilege to be a part of so many amazing events and opportunities. 

We are getting closer on introducing our new sites, which will help us keep everyone more in the know!  Have a great weekend!

Before Monday came Sunday, Saturday and Friday

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Yesterday we looked at our scrumptious lunch from Monday, so today we back it up and look at the food we experienced last weekend.  In a nut shell, our team was working from 8am until midnight each night – so we all had our fair share of Chow Town Food Court treats.  Personally,  I ate my weight in Connie’s Pizza (more on our long time friends later), until Sunday hit and I ventured out a bit… to the Farmer’s Market to be exact. Now, this wasn’t your usual farmer’s fair.  There were parcels of peaches, but everything else was prepared food from farm fresh goods – such as cheese, blueberries, and even wheat grass!

As late morning rolled around I began getting hungry, so Matt sweet talked the fine people at Rock ‘n Roll noodle company for a sampling of their pad thai spring roll.  

It had rained Sunday morning so not only was it hot – it was muggy.  This light, crisp delight was the perfect palette pleaser.  I am a fan of pad thai, but this was so fresh, herbs and all, and the mango was just the perfect touch of sweet, but this version was even better.  After a few more hours passed I was once again hungry, but this time I headed to the farmer’s market alone.  First up – Seedlings.  A Michigan farm where apple cider, blueberries and peaches are cooked, picked and enjoyed!

I inhaled a blueberry smoothie made from those farm fresh blueberries, ice and homemade apple cider… that’s it!  No dairy, no fat, no problem.  I have never tried a fruit smoothie with such wholesome, simple ingredients.  But, now I highly recommend it!

While it was delightful, my body must have noticed the lack of dairy because up next was the cheesemakers.  This next treat is so awesome, my words will most likely not do it justice… grilled cheese on a stick (hold the bread please!)

Thick slices of fresh cheese were grilled just enough so the outside was crisp, while the inside was still firm but gooey.  They offered several awesome pairings for the top of the cheese.  Being the Texas gal that I am, I chose the jalepeno chutney topped upon my lovely grilled piece of cheese.

This was exactly what I needed to fill my tummy and refuel me for the rest of the day. If you want more of Chow Town’s great food or still aren’t sure what it is, check out:

Graham Elliot presents Grahamwich!


Although Monday marked the last day of our Chi-town gig, we saved the best meal for last…so I am posting it first!  Two years ago we had the pleasure of working closely with Chef Graham Elliot, as in the judge for Fox’s MasterChef, and his awesome team.  After a long, hard few weeks at Lollapalooza, Chef treated us to a seven course meal at his namesake restaurant, Graham Elliot.  I’ll post pictures of this later, but for now…Grahamwich.

The newest creation from Chef Elliot and his right-hand man, Merlin Verrier, is Grahamwich.  Their website,, describes the addition as what a sandwich shop should be and could be.  So, we had to see what it was all about!

We actually missed this little gem the first time we walked by, but once we found it and walked inside it was stunning.  Tucked between other shops on State, once inside the space seems so open and airy.

I love the mix of old woods, quirky pieces, such as the kid blocks that spelled out ‘trash’ on top of the trashcan, and modern glass.  We ordered at the counter, I chose the grilled cheese {wisconsin cheddar + italian prosciutto + tomato marmalade + cheese curds + pullman loaf } while Matt decided on the pastrami reuben { homemade sauerkraut + toasted caraway + gruyere fondue + 1000 island + marbled rye }  but we split a bag of chips topped with fresh herbs, cheddar cheese and bacon bits.

This was hands down the BEST grilled cheese EVER!  The tomato marmalade was just sweet enough and the bread was toasted to perfection.  But the cheese, the cheese is what made this sandwich so heavenly.  I truly wish I didn’t have to wait until the next time we are in Chicago for another bite.

Although I am not a huge reuben fan, this one took the cake.  Again, the perfectly toasted marble rye and stacks of fresh meat and sauerkraut made for one excellent choice for Matt.

It may be strange to rave on about someone else’s food, but for us it is the best kind of research and development! After we finished our lunch we were greeted by Merlin and enjoyed catching up and discussing the aftermath of Lollapalooza.  I just wish I would have asked him to Fedex another grilled cheese to me!

A Week Worth of Food in the Windy City

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First, I must apologize for leaving our readers for the past week with out a new post. However, many of us Global Gals and Gents have been in Chicago preparing for last weekend’s Lollapalooza Music Festival.  Since 2007 we have provided various services for the production company, but this year I decided to chronicle our trip with FOOD!

Instead of taking you from the beginning, for whatever reason I have decide to start with yesterday.  So over the next week you will get to go on a foodies’ dream journey.  From fine dining, to casual fare and the Chow Town Food Court at Lollapalooza (which boasted chef driven creations from around the city) we all had a week of hard work and good, no GREAT food!

While you are waiting for the new posts, check out what we saw this year at Lollapalooza!

Coaches Night 2011


Tuesday we had the honor of catering the 2011 Brazos County A&M Club’s Coaches Night.  Over 650 guests filled the magnificent Zone Club to raise money and kick off the rapidly approaching 2011-2012 football season! 


Slow Smoked Prime Rib with Au Jus and Creamy Horseradish Sauce, Blackened Grilled Chicken Breast, Red Bell Pepper Mashed Potatoes, Fire-roasted Creamed Corn, Apple Butter Green Beans, Garden Fresh House Salad and a choice of Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake or New York Cheesecake drizzled with Raspberry Sauce

Chef James kept busy all night hand carving the Prime Rib for the guests.

And of course it was because of our awesome team that everything was so perfect!  What a great way to start of the fall season!