Why We Love Catering

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Today I went to one of our G Deli deliveries.  I rarely get the opportunity to attend any of our catering events, much less a delivery, but this was for an old client and for 85 people and I wanted to make sure that it went off perfectly.  My days have been stressful lately and I was running late, so to say the least I was definitely a little unsettled.  I pulled into the parking lot at Southwood Valley Community Center, dabbed on a little lip-gloss and took a deep breath to prepare myself for walking into luncheon.

I was quite surprised at what happened as I walked through the door and began to survey the premises.  The room was bustling with people, our food buffet looked great, my hard-working team were all smiles, and I felt a calmness come over me.  I jumped right in to help out wherever was needed and I quickly came to realize that I was enjoying myself.   The lunch that we were a part of was the 2011 Senior Chic Fashion Show and it was an honor to be a part of it.  Everyone was chatting, smiling and of course – eating!  I stood there and watched a while and just thought about how great it felt knowing that what I did for a living was important and rewarding.  Food is such an integral part of our lives.  Think about it.  It nourishes our body and we can’t live without it.  Food also invokes emotion within us with every meal.  It can comfort us, make us happy, disappoint us and can even motivate us.  It can make or break your day.  Have you ever had that day that was just horrible from the start?  Nothing going right and the only thing you can think of to make it better is your favorite sushi roll at that little Japanese restaurant that you love.  Or how about the time when you take a friend to your favorite restaurant to celebrate a special occasion and the food is not up to par.  This is not only disappointing, but embarrassing as well.  Bottom line is that food is important and I’m glad that I’m in the business.  I get motivated when I have great food and also when I have not so great food.  It motivates me to continue working and building a wonderful company that maintains an excellent standard.  I love my job and I’m glad that I had the opportunity today to remind myself how rewarding that it can be.

– Lexie A.


G Deli Mobile has Arrived!

G Deli

Well, today our shiny new G Deli delivery van made its way back to the office – wrapped and all!  Currently we have the deli in the Physician’s Center (off University Dr.) and G Java in the Health Science Center building (off Hwy 47), but with the opening of the new G Deli in the third HSC building (and the largest deli to date) we knew we need a beauty out on the road making deliveries between the three and to our customer’s offices and homes.

As we continue to prepare for the opening of the newest G Deli, we are excited about the great new products and client friendly features we will be offering.  But, while you wait for the grand opening – grab a premium cup of coffee from G Java!

Catering, Marketing, and Marketing Catering!

Global Event Group

I know, I know. Our new Social Media and Web advisor already told me today, “What is the point of a blog if you aren’t posting AT LEAST once a week?”. So, I have sadly allowed our blog to turn into a mediocre web site. I apologize.

To be fair, he wasn’t just jabbing at me, but we were candidly talking about overhauling our web and social media. When it comes to technology and especially computer speak, I need a lot of help. However, our friends over at Infinity Pro Sports happen to be the leaders in our area and across the nation. Check out www.infinityprosports.com to see for yourself. While they do focus on sports, teams, players, etc they have done some great work on so many other types of organizations as well.

So today we discussed how to not only further brand, but also how to make our client’s lives easier. Needless to say, I am extremely excited about the future process with them. All I can say at this point is stay tuned! Oh, and pass our blog along to your friends and family so I can make Infinity proud next week! Need followers!