VIP Duck Jam Tickets


Ready, Set, GO!!!  We had some eager beavers earlier this week – posting and commenting to win tickets, but the real contest starts now!  Think of it this way though, you are already subscribed and ready to immediately post!  Now, we saw some cute posts already, but to make things even more fun, we are requesting to see your best poetry skills!  Here are the rules:

1.  You must post at least 4 lines of an ORIGINAL poem.

2.  You must incorporate the word DUCK (and no profanity or you will be removed from the contest…please remember our families, friends and fans!)

3.  You may only enter ONCE!

You have until Wednesday 4/20/11 at midnight to get your entries in.  Then, the best poem wins!!  The more entries, the better the prize will get!

25 entries – 2 VIP tickets!

50 entries – 2 VIP tickets + $10 in Food Vouchers

75 entries – 4 VIP tickets + $15 in Food Vouchers

100 entries – All of the above + MEET AND GREET!!

Make sure you follow the rules so you don’t get your poem thrown out!  Good Luck!


8 thoughts on “VIP Duck Jam Tickets

  1. By the pond I sit and think,
    I can splash and wade and drink,
    But I can’t swim so I’m out of luck,
    How I wish I was a duck…

  2. Got a line out on the lake,
    Listening to the duck quack quack,
    While waiting on my friend chuck arrive,
    So we can go hunt us a buck.

  3. I am sitting here wishing
    that I could go fishing.
    But then I decide
    to enjoy a ride.
    I stroll on down
    to a place in town.
    I pull up to a place
    and I recongnize a face.
    I see the Bellamy Brothers
    and they sing like no other.
    I get out of my Dodge Ram
    and I realize I am at Duck Jam.
    I am here to have fun
    but what should I do when I’m done.
    Nothing compares
    to all of the chairs,
    The lights, the sound,
    the way I get down.
    Hope to see you all there,
    Drink, have fun, and take care…..

  4. There once was a maroon duck
    Who wished on a star for some luck
    He went to bed after eating his ham
    And the next morning won tickets to Duck Jam!!

  5. Her name is Juliet.
    And she wanted an amazing pet
    So her mother got in her truck
    and brought her back a tiny duck

  6. With the first chill in the night
    The Ducks take flight,
    They follow one another by full moons light
    They are the years first duck flight.
    As dawn light arises from the first nights flight
    They suspend toward the sight
    Of friendly numbers glistening in the light
    Lurking there is the hunter and his might
    They try to flare but it is too late
    Thus ends the journey of the ducks of the first flight.

  7. D eep in the heart of Aggieland,
    U nder the stars and sky;
    C old beer, brisket, and blues,
    K eep you flying high.

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